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Digital Manga Guild Digital Manga Guild

  • Horny Development

  • Kmpfer Vol. 5

  • Virgin Teacher

  • Stay Gold Love Lessons A - Z

  • Domesticated Sexual Love

  • Love Prism

  • Iris Zero Vol. 5

  • Leo The Lion Cub

  • Turn Me On

  • Play Zone - Carnivorous Boyfriend and Lustful Angel

  • The Shinsengumi

  • Iris Zero Vol. 4

  • Lemon Kid

  • Graduate - Spring

  • Graduate - Winter

  • Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 3

  • Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 2

  • Heretic Monk Vol. 2

  • Playtime AV

  • Kmpfer Vol. 4

  • Iris Zero Vol. 3

  • Let's Go Play Vol. 5

  • I Can Be Your Announcer Vol. 2


  • Pure Love's Sexy Time Vol. 2

  • I Can Be Your Announcer Vol. 1

  • A Month in a Dog's Life

  • The Isolated Zone: Shinku Chitai Vol. 4

  • Panther

  • Let's Go Play Vol. 4

  • The Isolated Zone: Shinku Chitai Vol. 3

  • Oyajina! Chinatsu and Tomoe

  • Sweet Cherry Vibe

  • Daily Love Affair Vol. 2: Darling Junior

  • Daily Love Affair Vol. 1: Honey Senior

  • New Treasure Island

  • The Castle Of Dawn

  • Mr. Cactus

  • Age of Adventure

  • Crimson Scroll: A Strange Tale of Old Kyoto Vol.1

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 20

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 19

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 18

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 17

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 16

  • BRAVE 10 Vol. 8

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 15

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 14

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 13

  • Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 12

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All who provide information ("Registrant") agree to be contacted by Digital Manga,

Inc. ("DMI") to provide services for various delegated projects. Registrant agrees

all information provided is correct and all future work provided will be free of

Copyright infringement. Information supplied by the Registrant is solely for the

purpose of contact by DMI, and will not be provided to third party users. Information

provided will not be used for solicitation purposes. Registration does not create any

obligation between Registrant and DMI. Registrant does not become an affiliate of

DMI through this process. DMI does not endorse any works or actions by the

Registrant. Information can be removed by the Registrant at any time. If qualified,

DMI will contact registrants to provide further information for contracting of

specific works. Registrant agrees terms and conditions are subject to change.
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Please keep in mind that the Guild is still an evolving initiative; we will post new information as it becomes available. We still want to hear your thoughts, questions and comments, so keep it coming! We did our best to answer everyone's questions, but if you still have any doubts, ask away. We are also working on keeping a close relationship with everyone involved, more news on that will be forthcoming.

Here is a definition of each role/position available. All three roles must be filled in order to form a group.

Editor: Proofreading the translations, rewriting if necessary to make sentences sound more natural, slang that may be more appropriate for English, grammar and spelling. This role will also double as "quality checker", to look over lettered pages to make sure no sound effects or translations are missing, and everything is ready to go.

Letterer/Typesetter: Making sure pages are clean of Japanese text and dust, and rotating pages. Putting translated text in with appropriate font, changing font sizes and type when necessary. 

Translator: Translating from Japanese to English, making dialogue and text as close to the original as possible but still sounding natural in English. 


Q. Do I have to use my real name to register? Can I use an alias?
A. If you would like to get paid, then yes, we need your real name. We need this not just for payment purposes, but also for taxes. As long as we have your real information, you can use an alias in the credits if you wish to keep your identity private.

Q. Will my affiliation with scanlation groups hurt me?
A. No. We are looking to recruit localizers, people who have skills and want to be part of our community. We are not concerned with whether or not you may have scanlated before, that is your business with what you do on your own time.

Q. Do we have to submit a sample web link of work?
A. No, we have a test that everyone must take in order to join.

Q. On the Terms of Conditions, what does this line mean: "Registrant agrees all information provided is correct and all future work provided will be free of Copyright infringement."?
A. This guarantees that any *future* work done with the Digital Manga Guild is free of copyright infringement; meaning you can work on a title without worry of it being illegal.

Q. How soon will I receive a reply of acceptance or rejection after I register/send in my test?
A. If you applied before January 30, 2011, then you should have received an acceptance letter by now. Please check your spam box just in case, otherwise PM me. For applicants after January 30, please be patient, we plan to notify you within a month or less.

Q. What genres will be offered?
A. Currently we are planning to start off with mainly yaoi titles, but eventually we will add more mainstream genres like shoujo and shounen.

Q. Who are the six publishers?
A. At this time we are not able to name any publisher publicly. We will announce this once we are able to.

Q. Are there deadlines, and how long can I take to work on one title?
A. There will be deadlines, the actual time length will be announced at a later date. There will be bonuses and advantages to finishing more than the minimum.

Q. Why can't I choose what title I want to work on, why must it be from a packaged set?
A. You can choose which set to work on, which may have some of your favorite titles. We are also trying to make it fair for groups, by having a variety of quality titles in each set. This should help average out the potential sharing revenue, and no one group will have the advantage of only best-selling titles.

Q. Will we have the option to work on a minimum of 3, 4, or 5 books per year?
A. Yes. There will of course be advantages to working on more books. One book would be like one volume of a series, or a one-shot. 

Q. Will I have any input on how DMG/the DMG platform/program is made?
A. The program we were working on unfortunately has gone back to stage 1. Therefore, it's back to the "old fashioned" way of editing, translating, and typesetting via your program of choice (i.e. Photoshop, Word, etc).

Q. Will the titles that are popular enough to be published get printed in it's own imprint or a Digital Manga imprint?
A. This is still mostly under discussion, be we are planning to give each publisher that joins their own label. 

Q. How contractually bound will I be to finish a title? What if something happens and I can't be a part of DMG anymore?
A. We want the Guild to be a helpful and open community, so in the event that a member or group can't finish their work, they find another group to take over. We are working on the details.


Q. How much are we going to get paid?
A. The Guild is still evolving, terms of payment will be announced at a later date. Again as a reminder, all revenue will be sales based, not on the amount of hours put in. Please also keep in mind that the revenue might not be much at first, but it will grow. Revenue sharing is also what will make the Guild possible, and that sharing the risk also means sharing the potential reward. Payment will not only come from emanga.com, but also all of our other digital platforms and potentially print.

Q. Will we be getting taxed or receiving 1099 forms on what we earn?
A. If you are a US Citizen living in the US, you will be required to complete a W-9 form. At the end of the year, a 1099-MISC form will be sent when applicable. If you are a Non-US Citizen, working in a foreign country, you will be asked to provide your Foreign Tax ID for company records only. You will be responsible for reporting income to your local Tax Authority. (For more detail please visit: www.irs.gov)(Suggested Search: "Instructions for Form 1099-MISC" or "Publication 515")

Q. What if only 3 people in a group of 10 do the work? Or one person does all 3 jobs -- does everyone get paid, or just the people who did the work?
A. It will be up to your group and group representative to work this out. Since there are so many of you, this makes it simpler on our end to handle.

Q. What if the group representative doesn't properly pay everyone or runs off with the money?
A. We will not handle any group politics or issues, it would be far too complicated and the numbers too large. Please police each other and choose wisely, we will have a page to inform everyone of what they are due.

Q. What if a payment cannot be split evenly?
A. That will be for the group to decide.


Q. Can I change the position I applied for? Can I apply for more than one position?
A. Yes. You can work multiple positions or change positions. If you already applied and would like to change or add positions, feel free to do so by logging back in.

Q. Can one group member work in other groups?
A. Yes, you can join as many other groups as you like. 

Q. Does one group *have* to consist of 3 members?
A. No, it can have more or less. As long as there is someone to fulfill each role, then it could be as little as 1 or more.

Q. I have formed a group, and we all passed the test. What now?
A. For now, keep everyone in mind and their contact information. We will update you soon with the next step. Please make sure each member of your group is individually registered.

Q. Do I have control over who I work with, and will you be forming these groups?

A. We are hoping that everyone will join in on the community and create their own group. Yes, it will make it easier for us, but it also gives you control over who you work with and find a suitable match. We will not be taking part in forming groups in any way.

Q. What about the "groupless" people, as the numbers per position is not even?
A. We truly want the Guild to be a group and community initiative, so it will be up to you on finding your own group or joining another as a secondary or third. 


Q. What are the quality of the images that I will have to work on?
A. As this is still early, we cannot give a final answer. The quality will vary, it will be best to know how to both retouch and letter.

Q. Can I use Photoshop or a program of my choice?
A. As stated in an earlier answer, the platform we were hoping to create has gone back to stage 1. You can use any program of your choice as long as you can produce quality work.


Q. Can I translate from English to another language?
A. Unfortunately, no. We want to keep the translation as pure as possible, so we are only looking for Japanese to "x-language" translators.

Q. Is there a test yet for a language other than English?
A. We're working on it. For now, we are mainly focusing on English.


Q. What does it mean if the email says I qualify for a second test?
A. Exactly that, your skills weren't good enough to pass the first test, but we see a lot of potential and want to give you a second chance with a second test. This second test should hopefully be available within the month of February.

Q. I got my acceptance email and I took more than one test. Which position is it for?
A. It's for every position that you sent your test in for. The same goes for a group, if a group leader receives in email it's in regards to everyone.

Q. What do we do next after we've formed a group?
A. We are working on the agreement form, and should have that ready shortly. 

Q. When do we get to start working on a project?
A. Not right away, we are hoping within the next few months. We've selected a small number of groups to help us work out any potential problems with DMG, so we will keep you all updated. Like any work, there will be times there will be a lot to do or very little. So please prepare yourself for potentially having little to do for some time.

If you have any question or concern, email us at contact@digitalmangaguild.com

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